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Bakugan Interspace was over spilling with brawls from all four races. Human, Vestal, Gundalian, and Neathian. No one has really ever met the Vestals except for the Brawlers, Rafe, and Paige. Paige looked around the stadium, waiting to see who was next for a brawl. She looked around at the four stands that held everyone, and noticed the races stuck together majorely. Looking up, she could see that the Neathians consisted of Linus, Queen Fabia who decided that she was up for a brawl that day, Sellon, and Rafe. She looked to another quarter, seeing Shun, Dan, and Marucho. A blue haired, white haired, red haired girl were standing next to them, along with a blond haired and white haired man. She had also met the Vestals, and were freaked out by their eyes.

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I saw on wikipedia ep 7 revenge of runo that means that she will appers what will happen Are dan and runo dating? Classic editor History.

K likes. Runo Misaki & Dan Kuso. Runo And Dan Go On A Date (in HD:D). Runo And Dan Go Dan & Runo Mechtanium Surge (New İmage). 39 Photos.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers is the story of six children who find Bakugan, which are these spherical toy-like things that contain monsters gee, does THAT sound familiar? Some of these have their own spirits and are able to speak–all of the main characters, and most of the supporting cast, has one of these. All and all, Bakugan could be seen as a combination of many different popular series. The rules are hard to pin point, since they were never fully explained and change whenever its needed , similar to the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh!

At difference of Yu-Gi-Oh! What little structure and strategy there was in the first season has been completely abandoned in favor of two children shouting “Ability Card Activate! Of course, this doesn’t translate to the actual game , which while not played like traditional card games, has many rules like card limit you can have 15 cards in your deck. The anime seems to break the rules as far as how many cards you are allowed to use, and just treat them like attacks later on.

Was followed by a sequel series, Bakugan: New Vestroia set a few years after the end of Battle Brawlers , and recently a third series, Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders , ended and was followed by Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge now airing in Canada and the United States. Additionally, there are three video games available on all current generation consoles. Or Byakugan. The conclusive arc of Bakugan. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion.

Runo Misaki

Dan and Runo do not kiss in new vestroia but I think they might in mechtanium surge Yeah probably in Mechtanium Surge because they’re both 17 and Runo comes back in episode Bakugan New Vestroia isn’t finished with airing. But I hope they do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the last episode of Bakugan not new vestroia Dan and Runo go on a date. Runo likes Dan, as in many episodes she gets jealous when Julie hugs Dan.

Dan doesn’t think about Runo at all in Gundalian Invaders or Mechtanium Surge (​Until she shows up ofc). Besides, almost all relationships from a far distance.

Shun is a stoic battle who uses ninja attacking maneuvers, he is a master of Bakugan Battle Brawling. He co-created the rules and regulations of Bakugan back in season 1. Upon hearing that there are Bakugan battles going on, he joins Marucho and moves to Dan’s new city. Shun attends the same school as Dan. A Ventus Battler, he has absolute trust in Hawktor. Season 1 – Shun co-created the rules and regulations of the Bakugan game with Dan.

He and Dan also had some sort of falling out during this time. The old man turned out to be Shun’s grandfather. When he came back to brawling, he was ranked 6th. He was able to rise up to 3rd place eventually, after Dan and Masquerade. He intended to go alone, but the other found out and chastised him for wanting to do it alone. This is all thanks to his ninja training.

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And the Adventure Continues: Mechtanium Surge, and the series as a whole, Dan and Runo go out on a date, with the latter sporting a whole new hairstyle.

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SOS Dan Kuso, Runo Misaki (Bakugan Battle Brawlers) Bakugan Mechtanium Surge Dan Kuso and Anubias’ battle Runo And Dan’s Date.

Her Guardian Bakugan is Tigrerra. While she appears in subsequent seasons , her importance to the story is greatly reduced, as she is no longer the group’s main Haos brawler. Runo’s outfit in Bakugan Battle Brawlers is a yellow midriff shirt and a white skirt with a pink belt. She has maroon fingerless wrist gloves. She also has orange and white striped knee socks and brown shoes.

Her hair is tied in two long pigtails.

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What do you think? Place your vote! Bakugan: New Vestroia are runo and dan still together after the New Vestroia season considering dan lives in bayview now while runo is still in wardington? I don’t think so. He doesn’t seem like someone who could contain a longdistance relationship.

celebrity dating charlotte crosby advantage and disadvantage online dating · dating app are dan and runo still dating in mechtanium surge.

This is a list of characters from the Japanese anime series Bakugan Battle Brawlers. Dan is an impulsive year-old boy who, after finding out about Bakugan, wants to be the number one Battle Brawler. However, after teaming up with a Pyrus Dragonoid named Drago, Dan starts to realize there are more important things. In the beginning he is ranked , and by episode 39, he is ranked 1, and has become ranked 4 or under in episode 6 of Mechtanium Surge.

Despite having just been introduced to the new Brawling system, Dan manages to get the hang of it before he battles his way into the Resistance by tying with Ace. After losing Drago to Spectra in episode 16, his determination to get him back pays off as he and Drago reunite in episode At the end of episode 19, he and Baron go back to New Vestroia through Dr.

Gehabich’s dimension transporter. In episode 26, he goes back to Earth, along with Marucho, Shun and the rest of the Bakugan. Various portals open up across the world, allowing all the other brawlers to reunite with their Bakugan. Dan along with the rest of restisance attempt to stop the alternative through any means necarssary. At the end of New Vestroia he destroys the alternative weapon system with the help of his friends and allies.

It is shown that he has been dating Runo at the start of the season.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Battle For Bakugan Land

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